About Rick

Started from the bottom...

Rick Matsokotere has been a student of personal development for over 20 years, putting principles and concepts to the test in the field all throughout his career. 

Having done many jobs in the retail, service and IT sectors, Rick climbed the career ladder all the way from McDonalds until he was a analyst with a major energy company in the UK. In 7 years, Rick quadrupled his minimum wage salary working full time and without the advantage of a university degree. 

How can I help you?

Rick writes, teaches and trains people who want to advance or change their careers through books, online media and tailored talks. He has helped his clients find higher paying jobs, engineer more fulfilling careers, pinpoint their strongest qualities to highlight in interview and performance review situations, and even monetise their hobbies. 

What you get with me is practicality. You will see EXACTLY how to get where you want with your career.